free [adj1] without charge chargeless, comp*, complimentary, costless, for love*, for nothing*, freebie*, free of cost, free ride*, gratis, gratuitous, handout, on the cuff*, on the house*, paper*, unpaid, unrecompensed; concept 334 —Ant. costly, expensive, high-priced, priced free [adj2] unrestrained personally able, allowed, at large, at liberty, casual, clear, disengaged, easy, escaped, familiar, fancyfree*, footloose*, forward, frank, free-spirited, free-wheeling, independent, informal, lax, liberal, liberated, loose, off the hook*, on one’s own*, on the loose*, open, permitted, relaxed, unattached, uncommitted, unconfined, unconstrained, unengaged, unfettered, unhampered, unimpeded, unobstructed, unregulated, unrestricted, untrammeled; concepts 401,542 —Ant. bound, confined, hindered, limited, restrained free [adj3] unrestrained politically at liberty, autarchic, autonomic, autonomous, democratic, emancipated, enfranchised, freed, independent, individualistic, liberated, self-directing, selfgoverning, self-ruling, separate, sovereign, sui juris, unconstrained, unenslaved, unregimented; concepts 319,536 —Ant. barred, bound, enslaved, prevented, suppressed free [adj4] not busy; unoccupied at leisure, available, clear, empty, extra, idle, loose, not tied down*, spare, unemployed, unengaged, unhampered, unimpeded, uninhabited, unobstructed, unused, vacant; concept 485 —Ant. busy, occupied, scheduled, tied-up free [adj5] generous, unsparing big, bighearted*, bounteous, bountiful, charitable, eager, handsome, hospitable, lavish, liberal, munificent, open-handed*, prodigal, unstinging, willing; concept 404 —Ant. mean, niggardly, tight-fisted free [v1] liberate, let go absolve, acquit, bail, bail out*, clear, cut loose*, deliver, demobilize, discharge, disengage, disenthrall, disimprison, dismiss, emancipate, enfranchise, extricate, let loose*, let off*, let off the hook*, let out, loose, loosen, manumit, pardon, parole, put on the street*, ransom, redeem, release, relieve, reprieve, rescue, save, set free, spring*, turn loose, turn out, unbind, uncage, unchain, undo, unfetter, unfix, unleash, untie; concept 127 —Ant. confine, enslave, hold, incarcerate, restrain free [v2] take burden from cast off, clear, cut loose, decontaminate, deliver, discharge, disembarrass, disencumber, disengage, disentangle, empty, excuse, exempt, extricate, put off, ransom, redeem, relieve, rescue, rid, unburden, undo, unlade, unload, unpack, unshackle; concepts 110,211 —Ant. burden, compel, limit, suppress

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